Corporate Philosophy

“Make People Around The World Creators!”
with the mixture of advanced technology and know-how cultivated by emmmR

Today, people’s expression activities are rapidly expanding,
In such a time, corporate philosophy of emmmR is to contribute to creating the world where they can express themselves more freely and actively!

Internet and SNS are essential in our daily life.

At the time when everyone can easily connect with the world, we pursue possibilities of internet and expression and provide the entertainment stage.

“Have Fun From The Heart”

We strongly believe that this power can become a driving force to change the world.

Message From President

The growth of smartphone has given the people a lot of opportunities to create video products. In addition, the emergence of own media such as YouTube and TicTok has made it possible to output their own works without any difficulty. As a result, more and more people in the world are yearning for delivering them to many people.

In line with these trends, live stream has been greatly developed in China, where viewer’s purchase of gift to performers and sales of goods by KOL (Key Opinion Order) have spread into daily life and has now become a huge business. We put top priority on Chinese market and established 100%-owned subsidiary 上海至信息科技有限公司. While element technology is developed in Japan, this Chinese company assumes business operation and development of applied technology.

Our developed product, RTE (Real Time Effector) is a mixture of advanced depth sensors and PC/Android applications that makes use of MR (Mixed Reality) technology to raise live stream to the next realm.

By utilizing RTE technology during the live stream, its totally-different visual effect can enhance the nature of entertainment in terms of performer’s staging, viewer’s sending gifts to performer and in-the-program advertising.

Moreover, it is our strength that we can mix the above technologies with entertainment and make the most of our know-how to produce live streaming programs. As we have track records of being adopted by Chinese major media companies and collaboration with them, we are pursuing use-case-driven technology development.

For the future, we are exploring the global launch, expanding our market from China to Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan, in the fields of sports and news report, as well as entertainment.

Tomoaki Amano, President, emmmR Inc.

Company Profile

Company Name emmmR Incorporated
Main Office Amano Building, 1-20-16 Osaki, Shinagawa Ward, 141-0032, Tokyo, Japan
Telephone +81-3-5434-1858
Establishment May 15, 2017
President Tomoaki Amano
Capital JPY 43,000,000
Business Activity Planning, creation and sales of software on images and sounds
Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Subsidiary 上海至视信息科技有限公司
Room 145, building 2, No. 111, Gaoyi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai(Google Map
Main Customer
  • iQIYI
  • 奇秀直播
  • Japan Cable Television, Ltd.
  • bilibili
  • Randido Inc.
Main Shareholder Tomoaki Amano
Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund