Personal information protection policy

This website refers to business description of emmmR Inc. (hereinafter referredto as “we”).

■Personal information protection policy

We shall stipulate privacy protection policy as set forth below, establish a system to protect personal information, keep all employees informed about the importance of protection of such information and the effort thereto, and
thoroughly implement its protection.

■Management of personal information

We shall keep customer’s personal information accurate and updated. To protect such information from unauthorized access, loss, corruption and
leakage, we shall take necessary measures including, but not limited to,maintenance of security system, development of management structure and implementation of thorough education to employees. Also, we shall take safety precaution and strictly control such information.

■Purpose of use of personal information

We may ask the customer to enter name, email address, telephone number and other personal information for our receipt of inquiry. However, we shall not use the entered information for the purposes not clearly stated at the time of inquiry.We shall use personal information we received for the purposes of sending
notification, information of our business and reply to the inquiry by post or email.

■Access restriction to personal information by third parties

We shall manage personal information of the customer in a proper manner and shall not disclose it to third parties, except under any of the circumstances set forth below.

・When the said customer gives consent to us.
・When we disclose such information to our entrusting company for the purpose of executing the service desired by the said customer.
・When such disclosure is required by laws and regulations.

■Security measures for personal information

We shall take thoroughgoing security measures in order to ensure the correctness and safety of personal information.

■Confirmation of identity

If the customer has any requests regarding his/her personal information including, but not limited to, its reference, correction, and deletion, we shall respond to the request(s) after we confirm the identity of the said requester.

■Compliance with laws and regulations and revision of this policy

We shall comply with relevant Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information we retain. We shall also revise and improve the content of this policy in an appropriate timing and manner.

■Contact point

If you have any inquiries regarding our handling and management of personal information, please contact the below contact point.

emmmR Inc.,
1-20-16 Osaki, Shinagawa-ward, Tokyo, 141-0032, Japan