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  3. The first “Tokyo Strategy” December 13th (Friday) from 12:00 to live broadcast decision! !



The first “Tokyo Strategy” December 13th (Friday) from 12:00 to live broadcast decision! !

The first of “Tokyo Strategy”, which has been well received in the past two broadcasts, will be delivered tomorrow.
Please have a look!

● Program details
KOL “Bing Bing” from China and living in Japan introduces Akihabara’s new charm with the theme of “Akihabara is not just a figure and a beautiful maid”.

Japan-China Event Moderator / Anime Holy Land Pilgrim / KOL
Originally from Dalian, China, under the influence of Japanese anime, the university majored in Japanese. Studied abroad at Waseda University as an exchange student in the third year of university.
While studying abroad, he started making videos, traveled all over Japan, covered holy pilgrimages, anime events, school festivals, and gained popularity on the Chinese Internet.
After graduating, I found a job at an affiliate in the Japanese animation industry. Overseas copyright sales of over 20 copies of anime works, and jointly produced animation between Japan and China
I was in charge of the production process. Independent since 2018, he has set up a video production company with his friends and operates a channel that introduces Japan to Chinese youth.
He is also in charge of hosting anime events and anison song distribution programs for individuals, and is active in both Japan and China.

● Distribution date / time
December 12, 2019 (Friday) 12:00 (planned for 2 hours)

● Site address


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