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RTE (Real Time Effector)

RTE, an application for PC and Android, uses depth data acquired by depth sensor to create 3D spatial data and, in parallel, creates human body’s skeleton data. By doing so, this app can generate dramatic effects in tune with human
body’s movement.

What RTE Can Do

The most important point of RTE Effect is “analysis and decision”. RTE uses skeleton data to analyze human body’s movement such as “clapping hands” and “rotating body”. Then, it decides the part of body where the effect should be
generated and in what way it should be generated in tune with movement.

These analyses and decisions need to be configured in details from creative and engineering viewpoints. We compress our accumulated know-how into this configuration.


Stereoscopic effect with 3D effect and space
Real-time effect on live streaming program,Application to sending gifts

Effect can be automatically inserted to the recorded video. Automatically-taken movie can be easily uploaded to SNS and video-sharing site.


We realize dramatic and lively 3D effect production.

RTV (Real Time Vtuber)

We propose RTV, an integration of our developed RTE and Vtuber.

We provide live streaming distributor featuring Vtuber and its performer with new interaction using MR (Mixed Reality) technology.

What is Vtuber?
Vtuber is an abbreviation of “virtual YouTuber” and collectively refers to those who use 2D or 3D avatar to post and/or deliver video content.
Although Vtuber is essentially derived from “YouTuber”, some people make video distribution platform other than YouTube their bases.

Avatar follows human body in real time.

As sensor detects bone data, it is possible for avatar to respond to the movement of the human body in real time and portray its movement more delicately than before.

Mixed Reality

MR (Mixed Reality) gives a new portrayal for the body parts or objects which can be sensed.

Recognition of facial expression

  • Expression of emotions based on angles of mouth and eyebrow.
  • Expression of realistic wink in a random manner
  • Lip-sync by sensing movement of mouth

Change of facial expression in sync with pose

Avatar’s facial expression can be changed by recognizing the prescribed gestures.
Smile by raising one finger
Anger by raising two fingers

Effect production with RTE (Real Time Effector)

It is possible to add effects in tune with avatar’s movement!

Creation of avatar

We create avatar which looks like performer or uses IP of popular manga and cartoons.

Use Case of RTV (Real Time Vtuber)

・Sending items as gift to give Vtuber more stereoscopic appearance
・Co-star with other Vtubers at long range
・Change appearance and tone of voice and add sound effect for Vtubers who want anonymity
・Detect objects in the space and create another 3D model item for there
・Create sound effect for facial expression and/or gesture

Supported Sensors




The greatest feature is that it is possible to automatically add a 3D effect to the movie during a take without using motion capture. You can easily create a legitimate movie without real-time video effects and elaborate video editing after a shot.