World of “Mixed Reality (MR)”: Where real and virtual worlds interact

For live streaming and KOL

RTE can boost live streaming!

Live streaming

We have prepared new gifts which make full use of innovative MR technology.We also propose services which can further enhance the appeal in the growing live streaming market.

KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

We help enhance interactivity with performance and dramatic effects. We also propose communication items which can share pleasure with fun and viewers.

We are also planning to apply these technologies to live commerce.

Scene of live streaming studio

For broadcasting companies

Bring RTE (Real Time Effector) into live broadcasting programs of ground wave TV and online live streaming programs!
We have developed RTE system configuration for filming studios which enables the operation and recording from backyard.

Mixing live broadcasting with real-time effects can realize vivid and realistic production.

・Effects of aura and blaze can make the performer entering the scene look valorous.
・Make weather forecast more fun through visualization!For example…
・Put tornado or nimbus on announcer’s palm and move it on the map
・Pour the light over the sunny areas by holding a hand over the map

Scene of filming studio

For Advertising Sponsors

・In-the-program advertisement
・Live commerce

The merit of inserting an advertisement in the program is that it can certainly attract viewers. Effectual promotion can be carried out while keeping budget under control.

Live commerce

In-the-program advertisement

In addition to insertion of company name and products in the program, a growing number of sponsors are using gifts to the performer for publicity. Exposing advertisements on the site of influential KOL and the video site with many viewers can convey the appeal of products to more people. Especially, video advertising at the time of event can contribute to the boost of sales.