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Our Creations

Tokyo Koryaku (Tokyo Conquest): Collaboration with iQIYI, a Chinese live streaming station

After the successful first series in December 2018, second series of “Tokyo Koryaku” (Tokyo Conquest), which was live-streamed in February 2019, also turned out to be extremely successful. We are planning the next series.

This program features the selected members of Japanese girls idol group AKB48 Team8; Yui Ogura, Nanami Yamada, Rin Okabe and Shiori Sato. Fashion model Leena, who was born in China and is now also working in Japan, appears as MC.

This is a live stream variety program in viewer-participatory style using self- developed product RTE (Real Time Effector)!

This first-ever travel variety program live-streams “funny tour” by two women from Japan and China, exploring Tokyo’s hottest spots with the battle of viewer- participatory games.

Using iQIYI’s S-class resource, viewership of this program soared during second series; at most 190,000 people watched it on the first day, 280,000 on the second day, 460,000 on the third day and 600,000 on the last day. Overall viewership per day reached around 2 million.

iQIYI’s quiz program “智力爱冲关”

This quiz program live-streamed by iQIYI also made full use of RTE. In this program, our company’s logo and effects appeared, generating a huge advertising effectiveness.

This program was aired nine times per week, and viewership soared from 160,000 in the beginning to 800,000 in the end.

TV Asahi’s music program “Idol Otakara Kuji” (Idol Sweepstakes)

RTE’s effect was used for the live performance of this idol music program, which was aired on TV Asahi in July 2017.

Participating in iQIYI’s annual festival

We collaborated with iQIYI, a Chinese major internet TV station, to create “Tokyo Koryaku” (Tokyo Conquest). After the first series live-streamed in December 2018 got successful, it has been decided that this program will be regularly aired!

Also, iQIYI designated this program as its flagship program and invited us for iQIYI’s annual festival held in Shanghai on January 16, 2019. President Amano attended there.

When Amano hit the red carpet, iQIYI introduced our company and our contribution to iQIYI. He also put his signature on the wall and joined photo session in front of it. It was a great publicity opportunity for Tokyo Koryaku as over 1.2 million people watched this festival.